Allstate Insurance Company

It was 1930 when Sears, Roebuck & Co President and Board Chair Robert E. Wood first heard the suggestion that his company should venture into the business of auto insurance. Since Wood’s following of this suggestion, drivers have been in “Good Hands with Allstate.”

Targeting upper and middle-income insurance consumers, the company has grown into the second-largest personal insurer in the United States, the first being State Farm. Allstate works to provide private auto, home, and life insurance as well as annuity and pension products through its agents. Branching out through its acquired subsidiaries, including Allstate Life, American Heritage Life, Lincoln Benefit Life, and Glenbrook Life, the company has also developed programs and policies to cover property-liability as well as many other kinds of insurance.

In becoming a publicly traded company in 1993, Allstate’s initial public offering was the highest is United States history. The company achieved total independence in 1995, when Sears divested its controlling shares to the public.



Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL 60062

Telephone: 847 402-5000
Fax: 847 836-3998
Toll Free: 800 574-3553





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