Amica Insurance Company

When choosing an auto insurance company, finding one that enjoys a proven, past track record is always a plus. Amica Insurance is America's oldest mutual insurer, which has been protecting drivers for almost 100 years.

Amica sells auto, home, and life insurance policies directly to its customers from 70 offices nationwide. It is a company that is proud of its history, customer satisfaction, and employees. This is illustrated by the fact that Amica enjoys an industry leading customer retention rate in which over one third of its customers have been with Amica for over 20 years. Amica is also proud that they have many customers who have been with them for over 50 years!

Because they have implemented cutting-edge technology with customer service, they promise you fast results with a friendly smile. They passionately embrace the Golden Rule, "treating you with the same courtesy, attention-to-detail, and concern they would expect if they needed help."



Amica Mutual Insurance Company

100 Amica Way
Lincoln, RI. 02865

Telephone: 800 24.AMICA (800 242-6422)
Fax: 401-334-4241


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