GMAC Insurance

GMAC Insurance goes back to 1919 and the establishment of GMAC as the financial services arm of General Motors. Over the years, GMAC's interests have grown to address consumer and business requirements. For example, GMAC Insurance was among the first companies to sell vehicle service contracts to protect customers against unexpected mechanical repair costs and as one of the world's largest underwriters, provides "best in class" coverage and service.

GMAC Insurance is regarded as a premier performer in the insurance industry, earning an A (Excellent) rating from A. M. Best, one of the world's leading insurance rating agencies.

A subsidiary of General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the company is an underwriter in the preferred and non-standard auto insurance markets.

GMAC Insurance sells insurance to about a million policyholders through some 14,000 independent agencies all across the US. GMAC Insurance has more than 100 offices worldwide. The company focuses on selling specialty insurance products for cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles, including policies for drivers who can not qualify for standard insurance.


GMAC Insurance Holdings, Inc.

1 GMAC Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63166

Phone: 314 493-8000
Fax: 314-493-8100

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